Level 2 Freediving

Take your diving to the next level. Learn more advanced techniques to dive deeper, longer, safer.

It's time to take your diving to the next level! Learn all the skills and knowledge you need to dive deeper and longer with more comfort. While the Level 1 course covers everything a person needs to know to be a safe and independent diver. The Level 2 course focuses on how a diver trains themselves to get better.

This course is the stepping stone to bigger breath holds, deeper dives, more equalisation skill and all the knowledge to stay safe as we take our freediving journey further. Learn from Adam Stern, Australian record holder in freediving as well as experienced instructor and instructor trainer. Adam draws on his decade of knowledge teaching freediving to all levels of students, coaching freediving athletes and competing in freediving at the highest level to help you further your education and gain more understanding about the sport that we all love.

While this online course cannot replace learning with an instructor. We hope you enjoy increasing your freediving knowledge and that you continue your education and training within the freediving community.

Your Instructor

Adam Stern
Adam Stern

Adam Stern has 8 Australian freediving records under his belt. Adam runs the world's largest freediving camp, Deep Week and is passionate about teaching people to freedive safely and helping them to fall in love with the sport. Adam trains all levels of freedivers from absolute beginners to competitive divers.

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Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to learn to freedive online?
Absolutely it is safe. We believe that safe diving comes through access to knowledge. An online course cannot replace training with an instructor however and we recommend that you take a course or arrange some training with a qualified freediving instructor.
Does this course replace training with a freediving instructor?
No. This course is designed as continued education or a refresher for those who have already trained with a freediving instructor. It is also designed to provide further insight into freediving skills for certified freedivers.
Does this course give me a Freediving Certification?
No. While this course does contain all the information from a standard Level 2 Freediving course. This digital course is not a recognised freediving course with any of the current freediving agencies.
Does this course contain all the information I would encounter in a certified freediving course?
Yes. In this course I teach everything that I would teach in one of my freediving courses and much more!

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