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Adam Stern
Adam Stern

Adam Stern has 8 Australian freediving records under his belt. Adam runs the world's largest freediving camp, Deep Week and is passionate about teaching people to freedive safely and helping them to fall in love with the sport. Adam trains all levels of freedivers from absolute beginners to competitive divers.

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Courses Included with Purchase

Level 1 Freediving
Beginner Freediving. Your introduction into the world of diving on one breath.
Adam Stern
Level 2 Freediving
Take your diving to the next level. Learn more advanced techniques to dive deeper, longer, safer.
Adam Stern
Frenzel, Advanced Frenzel and Hands Free Equalisation
Everything you need to know from beginning to end to learn and master the Frenzel and Hands Free Equalisation Technique.
Adam Stern
Mouthfill and Deep Frenzel Equalisation
Learn the secrets and subtleties of both Mouthfill Equalisation and Deep Frenzel Equalisation
Adam Stern
Bi Finning Essentials
Everything you need to improve your bi finning understanding and technique. Absolutely everyone will find so much to learn in this course
Dean Chaouche
No Fins - Beginner to Master
A complete break down and analysis of the no fins technique for depth and pool as well as functional steps to perfect your technique
Dean Chaouche

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to learn to freedive online?
Absolutely it is safe. We believe that safe diving comes through access to knowledge. An online course cannot replace training with an instructor however and we recommend that you take a course or arrange some training with a qualified freediving instructor.
Do these courses replace training with a freediving instructor?
No. These courses are designed as continued education or a refresher for those who have already trained with a freediving instructor. They are also designed to provide further insight into freediving skills for certified freedivers.
Do these courses give me a Freediving Certification?
No. While these courses do contain all the information that a standard freediving courses does, they are not recognised as official or certified freediving courses with any of the current freediving agencies.
Do these courses contain all the information I would encounter in a certified freediving course?
Yes. In these courses I teach everything that I would teach in one of my freediving courses and much more!

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